The path to legal immigration can be just as diverse as America’s population itself, and in most cases, we rely upon federal law to oversee the process of U.S. immigration itself. Did you know, however, that states also have their own laws in place on a variety of immigration matters, including requirements for employment, driver's licenses, and more? While not all immigration issues require consultation with an immigration lawyer, it’s important to know that the intersection of state and federal law could make your particular issue all the more difficult to navigate.

State laws work alongside and support the federal laws, even though there are times where the two may seem at odds with one another. Because of this, U.S. immigration law remains incredibly complex as we approach 2020, and hiring a competent attorney may be the best route to save time, effort, and your sanity. Below, Bush Law Firm has listed the instances where you should contact a local and experienced immigration lawyer:

  • You are finding it difficult to obtain a green card, citizenship, or other immigration benefit.
  • You are requesting any sort of discretionary relief, such as asylum.
  • You have been notified that deportation or removal proceedings have begun.
  • You have committed or been convicted of a criminal offense in the U.S.
  • You need emergency help with another immigration matter.

When dealing with any of these instances or others within the same wheelhouse, you might find it in your best interest to contact a Gonzales immigration attorney, like Mr. Dallon Bush, the head attorney of Bush Law Firm. First, he or any other experienced legal professional on his staff will require a consultation to get a better feel for your case. We ask that potential clients bring any personal documents that relate to their immigration status, such as your passport, visa(s), I-94, marriage certificate, records of criminal convictions, and/or any notices from immigration authorities.

If you decide to hire our firm, we’ll make copies of all your important paperwork, ask a series of questions, take additional notes, and advise you on any next steps. During the initial consultation, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask any questions or bring up concerns you might be having concerning the immigration process.

Because Bush Law Firm prides itself on being a team of seasoned professionals and thoughtful listeners, we absorb as much information as possible during the initial interview to avoid any obstacles in strategy later down the line. Our attention to detail has led our firm, and in turn, our clients, to experience great success concerning their unique immigration circumstances. If you’re currently facing a problem concerning your immigration status and aren’t sure of where to turn, Bush Law Firm a call today at (225)800-8008 for our Gonzales location and (504)900-9009 for our New Orleans location.


Dallon Bush

Owner, Bush Law Firm