Accidents happen every day, luckily, most are not severe. If you are injured in a car accident, here are some tips to maximize your personal injury claim. A personal injury claim is not a slam dunk. Many factors will enter the decision of whether and how much to provide in compensation. 

Gather Evidence

The essential part of any claim is evidence. You must be able to provide evidence that shows you have incurred a significant injury and that the other driver was to blame. The best time to gather evidence is quickly after the incident. Do not wait because critical data could be lost or unavailable as time goes on. Call the police and file a report since this validates the date, time, and details of the crash. You will also need to keep all medical reports, bills, and receipts so you can substantiate your medical claims. Taking photos of your injuries, the vehicles, and the crash scene can help prove your claim. 

Seek Medical Care

Go to the hospital or your physician immediately following the accident, even if you initially feel hurt but think it is minor. It can take some time for injuries to present themselves. If you wait to get medical care, you face the problem of proving that your injuries occurred because of the accident. The insurance company may try to say that your injuries were less significant. When you visit your doctor, indicate how you got hurt, so it is included in the report. Always be honest and follow the orders that your doctor provides. Return to your doctor for follow-up visits as scheduled. 

Get Help From An Experienced Attorney

One of the ways to make sure your claim is paid and you are protected is by hiring an experienced attorney. An attorney can guide you through this process and make sure you are protected. The three primary ways medical bills are paid are private health insurance, medical payments insurance, or through a lien which is paid as a result of your personal injury case. At Bush Law Firm, we work to help determine your full amount of damages and prove liability by the other party. Contact us today.


Dallon Bush

Owner, Bush Law Firm