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Personal Injury

Personal injury lawsuits involve any type of suffering inflicted upon an individual as the result of another’s negligence, they can be vast and wide-ranging. Whether it would be a car wreck, 18-wheeler accident, medical malpractice, workers compensation, slip and fall, or other type of lawsuit involving bodily harm, you have the full support of the legal team at Bush Law Firm when it comes to all types of personal injury litigation.

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Criminal Defense

As a former Felony Prosecutor, Attorney Dallon Bush has a unique understanding of the criminal justice system and is well-equipped to handle all types of criminal matters from minor traffic offenses to misdemeanor and felony offenses in both State and Federal Court.

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Immigrants have made America the vibrant, diverse country it is for well-over 200 years, and they deserve the same access to rights and protections, as the citizens born in this great country. Bush Law Firm handles a number of immigration issues, including deportation defense, misdemeanors, asylum, citizenship, and various types of visas. It is our mission to keep families together through the complex, ever-changing U.S. immigration process.

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Diminished Value

As an often overlooked aspect of automobile accidents, diminished value claims are more common than you think, especially on the often precarious roads of Louisiana, which have led the state to have the second-highest car insurance rates in the nation. Due to Louisiana’s high volume of car crashes, Bush Law Firm recognizes that body and mechanical repair is only one aspect of the post-accident ordeal. Now that one of your largest financial investments has been damaged, you’ll also have to worry about its diminished value—but that's where our law firm can help! 

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Gonzalez | New Orleans | Baton Rouge

We Fight for Southern Louisiana and its Residents

The Bush Law Firm will give your case the attention and care it deserves.  With our main office in Gonzales and appointment only availability in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, the Bush Law Firm meets the legal needs of clients all over the Pelican State.

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6 Reasons to Choose Bush Law

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Free Consultations

Wondering if you have a case? Call us to schedule a time to explain your situation. We'll help you assess the right way to move forward.

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No Up-Front Fees

We handle Personal Injury cases on a contingency fee, which means that you don't pay an attorneys fee up-front and we don't get paid unless you do.

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15+ Years Experience

In court, experience matters.  We have the knowledge and experience to fight hard and will professionally present your case.

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Tried & True Results

Our results speak for themselves. We invite you to learn more about our previous case results and how other client situations may apply to you.

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Trusted Attorneys

We have a reputation of building long-term relationships with our clients. Our dedication to your case is the utmost importance to our law firm.

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DWI and Louisiana Law
Criminal Defense

DWI and Louisiana Law

A DWI is a crime should be taken seriously not only because it has implications regarding your driver’s license and may cause suspension to privileges, but it also puts yourself and others at risk for injury...or death. Think next time before you decide to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

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Understanding Courtroom Terms

Understanding Courtroom Terms

Appearing in the courtroom whether it’s your first or second time can be intimidating. When you aren’t clear of the terms being used or what is being discussed it becomes even more stressful.

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